Harmonica Bridge 2019



  1. International HARMONICA BRIDGE harmonica competition is an event that can be participated by amateurs and professional musicians for whom harmonica playing is not the main source of their income.
  2. The contest is to take place in Toruń, Poland on Saturday August 17th 2019 at 11:00 in "Dom Muz", Podmurna 1 street.
  3. The organizer of the contest is „Dom Muz”- culture centre in Toruń.
  4. Contest application is proceeded by sending the e-mail to the organizers of the contest. It should contain the name of the paticipant, nationality and adress. A short description of artistic path of a contestant, e-mail adress, possibly contact phone number should also be attached. Application are to be sent to e-mail addresses: harmonicabridge@gmail.com and wierzcholski@gmail.com
  5. Application deadline is August 1st 2019.
  6. Contestants are to be evaluated by an international jury.
  7. Contestants are obliged to perform three pieces of music from the list of songs provided by the organizer. Overall time of the presentation must not exceed 15 minutes, unless being decided by jury to prolongate.
  8. Songs can be performed solo or with an accompaniment of a pianist or rhythm section provided by the organizer. Technical soundcheck of rhythm section and contestants is to take place before auditioning.
  9. Main prize of the Festival competition is 1000 Euro provided by The Society of Polish Performers' Artists (SAWP)
  10. Costs of journey, maintenance and accommodation are to be paid by contestants.

In case of any doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: harmonicabridge@gmail.com

Below, find the list of songs to choose from, for playing at the contest. The links to YouTube do not show the
obligatory version of each song. They are here just to show the example of each song.

  1. Caldonia (Louis Jordan)
  2. Oh, When The Saints Go Marchin’ In (trad.)
  3. Room To Move (John Mayall)
  4. St. James Infirmary (Primrose)
  5. Careless Love (trad.)
  6. The Thrill Is Gone (B. B. King)
  7. Żeberka (Sławek Wierzcholski)
  8. Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem (Breakout)
  9. Isn’t She Lovely (S. Wonder)
  10. Corrina, Corrina (Muddy Waters)
  11. Work Song (N. Adderley)
  12. Cantaloupe Island (H. Hancock)
  13. Chitlins Con Carne (K. Burrell)
  14. Lady Be Good (G. Gershwin)
  15. Autumn Leaves (Kosma)
  16. Caravan (J. Tisol)
  17. Bluesette (T. Thielemans)
  18. Blue Bossa (K. Dorham)
  19. St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy)
  20. Take 5 (P. Desmond)
  21. All of Me (G. Marks, S. Simons)
  22. All Blues (Miles Davis)
  23. Blue Monk (Thelonius Monk)
  24. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Joe Zawinul)
  25. Summertime (G. Gershwin)